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The Grape Van Gogh

The Grape Van Gogh

What an incredible concept - a paint & party studio! I hadn't heard of the painting party craze until I had the opportunity to work with Amber on her website. Now I can't wait to try it out!

With a great logo already created, it was a lot of fun to repeat the grape cluster & brush elements throughout the site design and bring the personality of the Grape Van Gogh to life on the web.

Amber recieved numerous quotes to work on her website and I am honored she choose Painted Frog Design. Here's what she had to say about why she choose PFD.

"Well after looking at LOTS of quotes I'd like to go with you. :) Yay. I'm thinking the frog sold me and the fact that you thoroughly answered my questions. (But I do love the little frog.) I'm also thrilled with all your teaching experience because I am sure I'll need some of that as the teachee." Amber Van Sickle-Birch

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